We do three things: Analyze, Implement, and Litigate.


  • We analyze and advise you about your particular student loan situation and provide a written analysis as to what your options are. From that analysis, we recommend a relief plan specific to your needs.
  • We deal with harassing and abusive debt collection conduct so that you don’t have to. There are federal and state laws governing what a creditor is allowed to do while trying to collect a debt, and they frequently break those laws. If you feel a creditor has crossed the line, let us know immediately and we will determine if they violated the laws designed to protect you.


  • We take the relief plan we prescribed for you and put it into effect.


  • If you are being sued by a student loan creditor, such as National Collegiate Trust, we can represent you through all phases of the litigation. Time is of the essence! If you’ve been served with court papers, you need to contact us immediately!
  • If you have a judgment against you for a student loan debt, we can advise you of your post-judgment options. This includes garnishment defense, defense against property executions, and more.
  • We are very familiar with National Collegiate Student Loan Trust and have litigated against them several times, yielding favorable results for our clients.
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Think we could help? We probably can, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you being sued over a student loan?
  • Are you being garnished or threatened with garnishment over a student loan or other debt?
  • Are your tax returns being taken for student loan payments?
  • Are you currently in default in your student loan?
  • Are you not able to make the minimum payment on your student loan?
  • Are you thinking of bankruptcy?
  • Are creditors harassing you?

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