“We’re going to sue you!”

“Oh, yeah? Go ahead”. That’s what I tell the collection agencies.

Why? Because that’s not what they want to hear. Collection agencies want your money now and they want you to turn it over to them without the necessity of a lawsuit. It’s easier for them to receive it directly from you. That way, they do not have to retain and attorney, pay a filing fee, etc. with no guarantee of a recovery. Worst off, the court is immune from the classic behavior of collection agencies, such as bullying the debtor, or using high pressure tactics to manipulate the student loan debtor into a desirable settlement.

You can always do better in court. In Michigan, there are laws to protect the debtor against an aggressive collections and garnishment. We have used them to great effect against the student loan collectors.

So next time you are listening to a student loan collector drone on about “they are sending it out to legal”, or the like, they are actually doing you a favor. And when an enemy is making a mistake, leave him alone.


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